The Allman Brothers Experience: Macon Day Trip

Presented by Wise Guys Historical Tours and Tanaya Farr

This trip is led by Allman Brothers enthusiast and TikTok sensation Tanaya Farr! The first stop is The Big House Museum (Allman Brothers Home) and then on to the H & H Café for lunch. The H & H was where the Allman Brothers ate most of their meals during their time in Macon.

They loved this spot so much and felt that the owner was their second mother, calling her Mama Louise! They often flew her out to shows to cook for them. Next up is the Capricorn Studio and the final destination is Rose Hill Cemetery. In the cemetery you will see the graves of the Allman Brothers, Elizabeth Reed (for whom the song was named), The Bond Monument (where the famous pics were taken for the album covers), Little Martha (for whom the song was named). You will also see the Woolfolk Family Murders Plot (the largest family axe murder in Georgia). Rose Hill is also famous for its Confederate Cemetery. This cemetery is the location where the Allman Brothers camped out and wrote much of their music predating 1971. The price includes transportation, driver, tour guide, tickets, lunch, drinks and snacks! We will leave Savannah at 8am and return no later than 8pm. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity!

The Allman Brothers Experience

Macon Day Trip
$ 169
per adult
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