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Laurel Grove Cemetery is the final resting place of many notable Savannahians, including politicians, soldiers, and artists. Join us on our walking tour of Laurel Grove Cemetery, where we’ll explore the stories and secrets behind some of its most fascinating graves!

Laurel Grove North cemetery is located at 802 West Anderson Street in Savannah, Georgia. The cemetery is on land that was originally a part of Springfield Plantation. A rice plantation owned by the Stiles Family. Joseph Stiles (1758-1838) was the original owner of the plantation, his wife was Catherine Clay Stiles (1775-1823) Catherine was the daughter of Joseph Clay, a Revolutionary War hero and politician from Savannah. Together Joseph and Catherine had five. One of which was Joseph Clay Stiles (1795-1875) a Yale graduate and famous American preacher. Joseph Clay Stiles was very dedicated to taking the gospel to slaves and served under “Stonewall” Jackson preaching to his men during the Civil War. Another son, William Henry Stiles, would also graduate from Yale. William would become a well known politician. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Georgia State House, and as the US Foreign Minister to Austria. He was a member of the 1860 Democratic National Convention and served as a Colonel for the Confederate Army during the Civil War. William is buried at Laurel Grove North but most of the family is buried at Colonial Cemetery in Savannah.

Laurel Grove North Quick Facts/Highlights:

  • 40,000 Burials
  • 67 Acres
  • 1 Supreme Court Justice
  • 1 US Attorney General
  • 2 US Senators
  • 5 US Congressmen/2 Confederate Congressmen
  • 24 Savannah Mayors
  • 8 Confederate Generals
  • 1 Union General
  • Confederate Section with 750 burials
  • 1 Daughter of a US President
  • 1 Granddaughter of a US President
  • The Founder of the Girls Scouts
  • The Composer of Jingle Bells
  • The Founder of the 8th Air Force
  • The Founder of the Central of Georgia Railroad
  • The “Waving Girl”
  • And many, many more!

Notable People buried in Laurel Grove North:

  • Edward Clifford Anderson, Sr. (Lot 540)
  • George Wayne Anderson, Jr. (Lot 505)
  • Jane Margaret Randolph Anderson (Lot 504)
  • Francis Bartow
  • John M. Berrien (Lot 493)
  • Isaiah Davenport (Lot 204)
  • Stephen Elliott
  • Jeremy F. Gilmer
  • William Washington Gordon
  • William Seabrook Lawton
  • Julliette Gordon Low
  • Frank O’Driscoll Hunter
  • Florence Martus
  • Lafayette McLaws
  • Emily Taylor McLaws
  • James Pierpont
  • Phoebe Pember
  • Louisa Porter
  • Anna Davenport Raines
  • Moxley Sorrel
  • William Henry Stiles
  • James Moore Wayne

The property was purchased by the city of Savannah in 1850 as other cemeteries in town, mainly Colonial Park, Potter’s Field, the old Jewish Cemetery, and the old Negro cemetery were filling up. The dedication of Laurel Grove was delivered by Henry Rootes Jackson and burials began in 1853. The cemetery was so popular that by the beginning of the 20th century all of the property had been sold!

It is believed that Laurel Grove North has the greatest concentration of Victorian Era funerary sculptures than any other cemetery in the southeast US. Laurel Grove North was built for white Christians and Jews. Slaves and Free men and women of color were buried in Laurel Grove South.

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