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Wayne Brantley

Speaker and Coach for 30 years

Wayne is a retired teacher and coach with 30 years experience in the classroom and on the field. He has a passion for teaching, coaching, motivation, and leadership training. He loves mentoring and helping others, so let him come and speak to your staff or team!

Services Offered

  • Coaching Staff In-service Training – (3 hour session)
  • John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success – (90 minute session)
  • Historical Leadership: Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower – (90 minute session)
  • Built to Last: The Leadership of George Washington – (90 minute session)
  • The Process of Building a Champion – (90 minute session)
  • Team Leadership/Team Captain Training – (90 minute session)
  • Individual Coach/Staff Mentoring and Consultation
  • Motivational Speeches – (Hand crafted for you and your team)

Wayne has also written a 16-week curriculum for coaches to teach godly manhood and servant-leadership to motivate their team! He has put this book together from his experience as a coach and would love to share the lessons with you. There are 16 lessons, basically one for each week of the season. He promises that you and your team will grow from this curriculum, and you will love teaching it to your team!

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