Many of the following symbols are found at Bonaventure Cemetery. The symbols are a beautiful way to remember the most important parts of a loved one and their impact and contribution to the world. The next time that you visit Bonaventure or any other Victorian Era cemetery pay close attention to the symbols. It is one of the most enjoyable parts of a cemetery visit.

Anchor: A life anchored by Christ
Angel: An agent of God
Archway: The gates of Heaven

The Archway
Jesus Welcoming Believers into Heaven
Lawton Family Plott

Column: A life that was lived full of integrity and character
Broken Column: A life that ended suddenly or too soon
Tree Cut Off: A life that ended suddenly or too soon
Candle: Christ is the light of the world
Circles: Eternity or Eternal Life
Cross: Christian Faith, Christ’s death and resurrection
Cross Lying on its back: Resurrection Cross (Rising up just like Christ rose from the grave)
Crown: Attaining the crown of eternal life
Cloth: Mourning and Heavenly Protection
Cherebs: Bearers of God’s throne
Drapes: Mourning and Heavenly Protection
Dove: Carrying Soul to Heaven
Wings: The soul being freed from it’s earthly body
Leaves or Flowers over a headstone: Victory over Death
Palm: Victory over Death
Laurel Wreath: Eternity, Eternal Life, and Victory over Death
Rose Pedals: Peace and Love
Lamb: Peace and Innocence

The Lamb
Peace and Innocence

This particular style could be ordered from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog
Trumpet: Victory over Death
Clasping Hands: Reuniting in Heaven
Harp: Praising God in Heaven
Shinx: Wealth and Power
Sword: Military
Big Rock: Strength and Stability

The Rock and Oak Leaves
Red Granite and Bronze Oak Leaves
The Ryals Family Plot

Wheat: A long and productive life
Flame: Eternal Remembrance
Hourglass: Time
Poppies: Sleep of death, rest
Scroll: The Book of Life
Finger pointing to the Scroll: Jesus pointing to a name in the Book of Life Open Book: The Bible, The Book of Life, The Story of a person’s life
Sickle or Scythe: A life ended too soon tragically; Cutting Down a life
Serpent: Knowledge and Wisdom
Urn: Death and Eternity or Eternal Life

A Resurrection Cross
Rising Up Just as Christ Rose from the Grave

Angel dropping Rose Petals on the Family
The Dieter Family Plot
One of the many fine sculptures of John Walz

The Column
The Bacon Family Plot

The Wilbur Family Plot
The angel is pointing towards Heaven
The Star on her head represents Heaven

Vine: Eternal Life
Star: Heaven
Pointing Upward or North: Heaven
Obelisk: Power and Influence
Lion: Strength and Courage and the Power of God Weeping Willows: Sorrow and Grief

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